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Our YouTube Crew covers issues that are faced by the authors the most. We provide you with information on publishing in the indie world. As well as some tips for traditional publishing. We tell you what to look out for, provide you with links and information for every topic that you will encounter in your publishing journey. Not an author? That's okay, because we have things for readers too. Like freebie shout outs, links to giveaways and quick thoughts on books you might not heard of yet.

I remember starting out and searching for videos all over the web to aid in my publishing adventure. 
However, each one was boring. Informative, yet dull. If I didn't do what they said right then, or take notes... i forgot what was on the video all together. So when I made a YouTube channel, Michael and I decided to make it fun and fresh. 
We have accomplished just that. 

So what are you waiting for? 

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